I am going to the moon tonight xx

Its lovely.

Gaaah Freshman Year.

Wow, I am starting Junior Year. Time goes by so fast. I am just a little scared for this year, but again all I need is a positive attitude. Going in with my head up, I believe I can do it and get through anything that comes my way. Times have changed a lot since this picture though, I used to have a bad haircut, and wear a lot of makeup and I thought I was pretty damn cool.. I don’t know who I was trying to impress really. All I know is that who knows where I could be in the next two years. I can’t really picture myself quite yet. And I don’t know if that’s good or bad, normal or a little bit off. Otherwise, I am going to try and take Junior year one day at a time. I can do it. I have all the help I need this year being on an IEP. As well as the support of my parents and friends. Really, everything is set in motion.
“The decisions you make today, will ultimately effect your future” the words of some overweight, overdue retired, principal would make in a drug-free speech. I guess we never want to listen, but we do take it in. And we hear it all the time, at one point in our lives it will replay and become vital.  Decisions made today, will impact how I will be or where I will be later in life. It’s most defiantly a key to hold upon yourself. Which I mean it’s true. And to have come to think, its already been two years in high school, I need to start thinking of these decisions. In doing so, I shall become aware. Balancing the day by day living to thoughts of where I will be in two more years. I guess really all I want is to be confident in myself, and sure that where I will be in those years will be comfortable, healthy and I will be happy.

Really, I would just like to be happy and make good decisions.